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透明女 2008/02/24(日) 21:55:22
みなさん、お元気ですか。 このサイトを見る人にはプロのパイロットもいるので、インタビューの情報を書くことにしました。 デルタの面接です。 受かりませんでした。 落ち込んでないですよ。 上手に出来たと思ってます。 頑張ってください。 下記は、自分の会社の仲間たちにあてて書いたものです。

"Well, I went to interview at DAL and I didn't get it. I think everyone is curious about the interview process, and I wanted to share my experience with you.

Flight time

6360 Total
1850 PIC JET (CA for 2+ years)
4151 Multi-engine
3610 Turbine (Jet/Prop)
4440 PIC total
2147 Instructor

I filled out the in Oct 2007 and went to the job fair at Embry-Riddle in November and gave my resume to a pilot who was at the booth.

Obviously, all the gouges are on and I studied the gouge and did not pay for any interview prep programs.

6 interviewees that day, 4 got the job. The six military, one corporate, four RJ captains. The RJ guys had been in the left seat for a few months to one year.

The guy who is in charge of hiring pilots brief the group before the process. He is very nice, funny and friendly.

I did the panel interview first with a retired Captain, 737 Assistant Chief Pilot and a HR person. The interview is almost scripted and each person takes a turn to ask you a question. One guy starts looking at the logbooks right away. People say they ask a lot of questions about the logbooks and the application, but they were not difficult about it. No questions were asked about the logbooks.

Questions were.....
-ever been absent during holidays?
-before a flight, a pax mentioned to the FA that he saw you(CA) drinking alcohol in the flight deck...what would you do?
-CA is lined up with the R/W at the wrong airport...what do you do?
- What would your boss say about you?
-Traffic ticket? ( I had one from 97)

All the questions can be seen on the internet. Nothing special. It lasted about one hour but it didn't feel that long. I felt very good after the panel interview. They were all smiling, smiling/nodding, laughing, empathizing with my stories... I emphasized a lot on safety, CRM, customer service, chain of command, positive attitude.... If you have ever done a panel interview, you will know it yourself whether you did badly, or very well. I couldn't have done it any better.

You take three tests on the computer. 75 Qs technical, cognitive and psych. They are exhausting. I was worried about the technical because the area is so broad and you don't know what questions you get. Not too many calculations. Two descend profile, two holdings, a lot of turbine system, elect. system, weather, TAS, density altitude and engine the gouge. Cog test is fun. There is a website where you can see the samples. You want to see the samples to get an idea about the test.

They tell you the result on that 1st day. I was very surprised when the guy called another RJ CA and I into his office and said...."unfortunately..." ....Wow. He said we passed all the tests, but not the panel. I couldn't believe it. I asked to possibly find out what area I can improve my interview skills on. He said that they could not tell us.

In the mid-day, I went to lunch with the military guy who was one of the interviewees. Very nice guy. He told me about his panel interview. When he was waiting for his turn in the lobby, the interviewers were in the room looking over his apps and were briefing. He could overhear the conversation because the door was open. He heard, "Look at this flight time! Is he even qualified to be here? This is ridiculous." He eventually goes in there and was asked to present his logbooks. He said, " I don't have any logbooks." I guess it is normal not to have them in the military. He just had one official sheet of paper which summarized his flight time. The interviewers looked at each other. One of them asks, " How about your private pilot logbook?" He replied, " It was such a long time ago, I don't know where it is!!?" They gave him the looks. His scenario was "You are flying with a female CA and you're cleared to intercept the LOC. She wants to start descending too but you are not cleared for the approach. What do you do?"
He said, "well, I inform the CA that we are not cleared for the approach yet, and we cannot descend. I can also clarify with ATC on the radio. If she doesn't change her mind and does not respond to what I am trying to say, I will take the controls from her." ...the interviewers looked at each other funny like...."I can't believe he just said that."

This guy got the job. I am not saying he shouldn't have. My story may be a little off, but he told me these stories himself. I am saying that you may not get the good vibe from the panel, but you never know what they are looking for.

The corporate guy said he did horrible on the panel, but he also got the job.

If you pass the tests, but not the panel, they will never ever give you another chance for the rest of your life!! How about that!!

I'm sure my panel interview was not as perfect as I thought. One thing I can think of is that they asked me if I had applied/interviewed anywhere else. I said yes, but I have not heard from them about the result. I had to be honest. ...or was that my sick calls? (twice in 12 months, 4 days each.)....was it my fatigue call? ( 15 hour duty with two wx and one SMOKE TOILET...had I completed my day, I would have landed in RIC at 3am or after.)

If you pass the 1st day, you stay for the 2nd day for a medical exam and psych eval. They are hiring a lot and offering the April class date now.

I always tell people here about "I GO/U GO" program. (If I get the job, I will get you the job.) Well, I didn't get it, but I can still help you guys get it. Just in case you may be thinking, "Well, she got the interview because she's a girl, everyone else was Caucasian with not that much experience in the left seat. The interview process was much easier than what people say on the Internet. You have a good chance right now. If you got the interview date, I will be more than happy to talk to you before you go out there. Free of charge!!....OK, maybe a sushi lunch if you get the job. ....just kidding....well not really. Good luck! "

YOSHI 2008/02/25(月) 01:58:50





透明女 2008/02/25(月) 12:12:44
Yoshiさん、コメントお返事ありがとうございました。 そうですか、透明女というのは気になりますか? みなさんに直接会ってならまだしも、Websiteでは、Incognitoな自分ですが。。。インタビューでは、神秘的というよりはOpen bookの様な私だったと思うんですけど。。。。むずかしいですね。 

DFWMM(再度トランスファー) 2008/02/27(水) 13:49:23
Bean Counterの考えることは、スプレッド・シートの数字のみというか、それが彼らのバイブル。
いい弁護士は、Read Between Linesがあるけれど、Bean Counterはそれないというか、その器の人がいなくなった。

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